Parallel Lines

Luctresa J. Raphael was born and raised in the beautiful city of Fort Lauderdale, FL. She is the youngest of three siblings, and the only girl. Growing up in a Haitian cultured home where her mother and father shared different beliefs—her mother being a devout Christian and her father being a non-believer— made it difficult for Luctresa to live up to the expectations of both parents. By the age of 13, Luctresa began to look for love and acceptance in the wrong places. She turned to the nightlife of drugs, sex, clubbing, and money, to help her cope with her rejection, insecurities, and life failures. As she continued down this path, Luctresa did her best to numb the pain she was experiencing, but later discovered her life was still incomplete. None of the things she was doing gave her a sense of purpose or fulfillment, which led her to battle with depression and suicidal thoughts.


Despite Luctresa’s shortcomings, her mother Ernisia Jackson believed in her and played a vital role in her deliverance. By the age of 21, Luctresa made a decision to recommit her life to Christ in April 2012. Since then, she has served as a leader and Youth Pastor at Embassy Church under the leadership of Dr. Regina Martin-Archat for 9 years. Luctresa didn’t allow what she experienced in life to limit her. She used her testimony as inspiration to launch a movement called Aim To Impact, Not Impress. Her mission behind the movement is to build confidence and identity within every aspect of one’s life through Christ. She also became a certified life coach to help push people to make an impact on their lives. In 2019, she became a published author of her first book Filthy Pearls: Part I. In addition to her list of life accomplishments, in December of 2020, she married her longtime friend and life partner, Jeff Raphael.


Life experiences have taught Luctresa that Christianity is beyond religion, traditions, and regulations. It’s about having a relationship with Christ and knowing that it is through Him we find our worth, purpose, and position on earth. As a prophetic voice for this generation, she is continuing to make an impact in the lives of many people through her YouTube channel, ministry, business, and transparency.



Pearls–are a symbol of beauty and purity. Pearls are considered the most precious of gems in ancient times. They are used metaphorically for anything of value, such as wise sayings. The bible says in Matthew 7:6, “do not cast your pearls before swine”, in other words, do not waste good things on people who will not appreciate them.

Unfortunately, I did the opposite.



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